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Existence or Non-Existence?

Either the universe is eternal or it is created. Science and logic show it was created.

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Can a miracle happen?  Sure, why not?  Sounds like a simple question with a simple answer.  But don’t let it fool you.  People have argued across the ages for and against the possibility of miracles.  Bertrand Russell, the atheist, said, “Miracles certainly played a very large part in Christian propaganda.”

Some people believe the answer to this question affects the credibility of the Bible.  Others feel proof for the existence of miracles will shake the foundations of science.

This essay briefly considers three questions:

  1. Can God intervene in nature’s laws?
  2. Can science prove miracles do or do not exist?
  3. What is the role of science regarding miracles?

Let’s Look, For Example . . .

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