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Life from Dead Matter — Part 4

 Miracle #2 – Living Organisms from Dead Matter
Part 4—Incomprehensible Complexity


This is the part four of the second “miracle” of atheism.  These miracles are impossible, illogical assumptions.  Atheism is founded on these four illogical assumptions.  They are required or atheism does not work as a belief system.  That’s why they are called the four “miracles” of atheism.

Miracle 1 — Existence from Non-existence

Miracle 2 — Living Organisms from Dead Matter

Part 1—Spontaneous Generation

Part 2—Complexity Produces Life

Part 3—Proof from Science

Part 4—Incomprehensible Complexity

Miracle 3 — Order from Chaos

Miracle 4 — The Immaterial (Transcendent Categories) from Materialism

Today let’s examine the incomprehensible complexity of organic life.

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